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LTCreative’s. Inspired by the Greek word “MERAKI”- when you do something with creativity or love, putting a piece of yourself into what you do.

LTCreatives, an aspiring sister company displaying their eclectic choreography, visual direction, and show creativity in the industry of performing arts.  


We both have been very fortunate and successful in our individual careers as professional dancers and choreographers travelling across the globe. Performing for crowds as big as 150,000, choreographing shows on a 360˚ stage and learning alongside some of the top choreographers and directors worldwide we have combined our experiences to create an artist profile to showcase our choreography. 


LTC is here to bring our unique choreography to TV& Film, Commercials, Live Entertainment, Show Creation, Workshops and collaborations with other creatives alike.

“You have to start somewhere, to make it anywhere”


2017 MOQ Live “Fantasia” – Premium Group (Doha, Qatar)
– Show Creators, Assistant Directors, Choreography for “Mary Poppins” Section

2017 MOQ Live Singer/Dancer “Vignettes” – Premium Group (Doha, Qatar)
– Choreographers

CINDERELLA – Simply Ballet (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
– Show Creators, Show Choreographers, Show Directors

CANADA’S GOT TALENT – CTV “Magic of Oslen” (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
– Choregraphers


Choreography for:

Live entertainment, Commercials, Theatre Performances, TV/Film, Visual Direction, Show Development, Show Creators, Workshops